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Article: It's Time To . . .

Created on: Tuesday, September 21, 2004

  • Plant a second crop of peas, spinach, lettuce; sow seeds of kale for a winter harvest.
  • Cut back spring-blooming perennials -- many will rebloom in the cooler fall weather.
  • Deadhead spent flowers of perennials and roses blooming now to extend bloom time into the fall.
  • Deadhead peonies, iris and daylilies so plant's energy returns to the roots instead of producing seed (unless you wish to hybridize).
  • Divide iris, cutting back foliage to a 4-6 inch fan and trimming away any soft spots or borer-damaged rhizomes.
  • Design your fall bulb garden while perennials are fully grown, marking planting sites with stakes to ensure proper placement. Remember, you can "layer" bulbs by planting shallow- rooting varieties on top of bulbs planted at greater depths. This allows you to have tulips blooming with grape hyacinths, or snow drops followed by tulips, all in the same spot!
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