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Article: Clematis - So Many to Choose From

Created on: Monday, June 09, 2003

Clematis, a vine and spectacular flower, is easy to grow. The only difficult thing concerning clematis is trying to decide which species and varieties to choose. The numbers are bewildering. For those who avoid growing vines because of their reputation for working their way under house siding, clematis will allay those fears. Its slender vines don't grow with the shingle-ripping force of wisteria, nor cling by root-like extensions from its stems as does ivy. Plant clematis in full sun, but shade the roots. Perennials, annuals, or shrubs planted around clematis will provide shade. A well-drained soil high in organic content with a neutral pH is preferred. The only tricky part of growing clematis is the pruning. Those species and varieties which produce blossoms on new growth can be pruned back to 18 inches or a little higher each spring. Clematis which produce flowers on the previous year's growth should be pruned right after bloom or be given only light pruning. Add some variety to your landscape plantings by including one or more of the extremely attractive clematis vines

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