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Article: Plan Now for Next Season's Beauty

Created on: Monday, June 09, 2003

With flowering plants, the variations in size, shape, color, and texture pose the possibility of ending up more of a devil-may-care look in your garden than you want. If you take some time now to plan a garden design, you will be sure to end up with a cohesive and beautiful garden next spring. Before you begin to design, take stock of your present garden. The permanent elements such as walks, fences, and the shape of the lawn will figure into your design. First, figure out what angle you will view the garden from - the entrance walk, the deck, or from a picture window inside. Assess the existing plants in your garden and determine what you want to keep. Now is the time to be ruthless and remove any languishing or overly mature plants. Next, decide whether to plant a bed or a border. A bed is surrounded by lawn and other open expanse. A border bounds the perimeter of the garden and is often planted along walls and hedges, and is accessible from only one side. If you choose to do a border garden, you will have to consider the background; how your new plants will look in front of it; how the background affects wind and sun exposure to the new plants. In choosing your plants, consider the desired blooming times, the height and spread of favorite plants, their colors, form, and texture. Colors set the mood of the garden, while varying plant forms and textures create interest. With the varying bloom times and duration of bloom, the possibilities of the perennial garden are endless. In fact, planned for a succession of bloom, the flower garden becomes not one garden, but many gardens in one. Take the time this winter to learn about the individual plants you wish to incorporate in your garden next year and the process of choosing where to plant will become more obvious, and the results more satisfying. What a pleasant way to pass many a winter day! Pine Tree Nursery offers garden consulting and design services. If you would like Joyce's help in planning a new garden or in refurbishing an existing one, call today for an appointment. Joyce will be happy to assist you!

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